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Serenity is the best hot tub to help you feel the benefits of hydrotherapy, warm, soothing water, invigorating and pulsating jet streams, and natural buoyancy. Enjoy day and night, inside or out, by yourself or with family and friends.

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Serenity 4300 -3 to 4 Person Hot Tub

The Serenity 4300 is ideal for those looking for a small luxury hot tub that offers all the features of a large hot tub. This hot tub fits well in areas where space is limited, yet still offers enough room to comfortably seat up to four people. This rectangular hot tub is ideal for smaller patios, yards and decks.

Serenity 4500.png

Serenity 4500 -4 to 5 Person Hot Tub

The Serenity 4500 is a beautifully designed hot tub that comfortably fits four people. Enjoy our exclusive wellness program plus an all active jet design that deliver great hydrotherapy to your entire body. A spacious lounge is big enough for a tall person and doubles as a unique cool down ledge that adds to the feeling of luxury in this feature-packed hot tub.

Serenity 5900.png

Serenity 5900 -5 to 6 Person Hot Tub

The generous footprint of the Serenity 5900 makes this our largest luxury lounge spa with room for five. The deep seats and full-body massage features include our exclusive wellness program and moon lights with two aquablade waterfalls

Serenity 6600.png

Serenity 6600 -5 to 6 Person Hot Tub

Enjoy a night of relaxation and entertainment in this luxurious and spacious spa. Furnished with 2 captain seats and 4 personalized Massage Zones, the Serenity 6600 provides a soothing Hydromassage experience without the stress to your budget.

Serenity 6800.png

Serenity 6800 -6 to 7 Person Hot Tub

Invite your family and friends over for a fun night of laughs and entertainment. The Serenity 6800 allows for 6-7 people to fit comfortably and includes 4 personalized wellness zones for the ultimate hot tub experience. Enjoy a night with family and friends without sacrificing comfort. Take your relaxation and therapy to the next level with the biggest, most spacious Serenity Hot Tub model available.

Serenity 6800.png

Serenity 6900 -6 Person Hot Tub

The generous footprint of the Serenity 6900 hot tub makes this out largest luxury lounge spa with room for six. The deep seats and full-body massage features include our exclusive zone therapy, multi level seating, moon lights, and aquablade waterfalls. The Serenity 6900 hot tub is a roomy lounge spa that doesn't take up too much space. 

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Use the online Tub Builder tool to choose your hot tub model, colours, cabinet styles, and accessories.

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